It’s been a while. The last time I had a blog was in college a few years back and it’s been offline for quite some time. I didn’t really have anything useful to write on at the time, but between now and then, I think (or would like to think) I’ve acquired at least some new knowledge and experience, so perhaps this time it’ll be a bit different. Hopefully I won’t run dry within a few weeks. We’ll see!

I’d like to start afresh: I won’t repost any of the old stuff, which were mostly garbage anyway. Maybe if I dig up a gem I might repost it after some editing, but I don’t expect that to happen any time soon.

I once thought I would eventually get to do everything that I wanted to do, learn everything I wanted to learn, but that was a young, naive thought. I’ve since learned that I have pick and choose because I have only so much time. In this case, things I write would have to be of relevance to both myself and others.

This blog shall be primarily devoted to matters of technical consequence: information, guides, expositions, etc. in programming, physics, and math. The idea is that what I write should be relatively timeless: it should be useful now and a few years into the future perhaps. Its usefulness may diminish if the technology becomes outdated for some reason (as is often the case in the fast-moving digital world), but even then it’s better than, say, a post about why I enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

I’m aware that this a fairly broad spectrum of subjects here: not everyone who reads about programming is going to care about physics since there aren’t a lot people who care about both simultaneously! That’s fine though. There is a reason why I didn’t even bother adding feeds to this blog (do people still use them?): the posts are going to be relatively self-contained snippets, other than the occasional series. There’ll be little if any meaning to the chronological ordering of the posts. The hope is that whatever I write might potentially help someone who is (un)fortunate enough to encounter the topic of interest.

Many times I have tread through the barren wastes of the Internet, scrounging for answers to questions that no-one asked, and only to find none. May this site be of use to my fellow travelers in search of such answers.