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There’s something thrilling about finding a simple solution to a complicated problem. Sure, it doesn’t happen often, but finding the next best thing can still be an exhilarating challenge!

That’s what makes programming fun for me: finding the most elegant solution under the given circumstances and practical constraints.

Beyond solving problems, I’m also fascinated by the theory and design of programming languages. It’s a very alluring idea that a well-designed language can not only help one solve a problem but also verify the solution is correct.

I used to be a computational physics student in quantum many-body theory, but turns out I enjoyed code so much that I wanted to keep doing more of that :P

Nowadays, most of my coding is done in Haskell, Python, JavaScript, Rust, C, C++, and Bourne shell. When I’m feeling curious, I dabble in other languages such as Lua, R, Ruby, and Scheme.

This site is my repository of notes in programming, system administration, physics, and math. If you’re here, I hope you found something useful along the way! :3

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